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Hair Nutrition is a balancing act.

SNOBGIRLS’ regimens and products offer Personalized Nourishing Care programs of 100% Vegan Nourishing Systems.

As each type of hair has Specific Nutritional Needs, each system is 100% nutritionally balanced, complete and bio-diversified; formulated to Target Care & Treat specific hair needs.

The Secret for Perfect & Healthy hair is to reach the Perfect Balance and Homeostatic Equilibrium among the 3 Fundamental Nourishing Components of hair, 1- Hydration & Moisture, 2- Peptides & Proteins and 3- Lipids & Oils.

SNOBGIRLS’ regimens and products boost nourishment synergies to help balance, condition, prevent, correct, repair, protect, fortify, optimize and visibly transform natural or colour-treated hair deep from the core to the surface for long-lasting natural vibrant healthy looking results. 

Within each of the 10 SNOBGIRLS’ regimens, each product is formulated with targeted purposes. All products of a regimen are tailored to complement each other and work together as part of a total system to deliver prescriptive nourishment, restoring balance and nutri-perfecting hair for optimal healthy looking results.